About Sapling Servers

Providing reliable, cheap hosting solutions for all.
Sapling Servers LTD is a registered business in the UK and Ireland.
  • Sapling Servers Launch

    16th May, 2013

    Sapling Servers launched and began accepting orders on the 16th May 2013. The company was established with the goal of providing cheap but reliable Minecraft Servers, and also offered dedicated servers and VPS services on the side. The company was originally created by Bradley Comerford and Chris Verringer.

  • Sapling Servers Limited Incorporation

    29th September, 2014

    Sapling Servers became incorporated and began trading under the business name of Sapling Servers Limited, being registered in England and Wales under the company number of: 09238327

  • Network Upgrade and Changes

    April, 2015

    After running Sapling Servers for just over a year, it was decided by Bradley and the team that Sapling need's to have the network expanded and improved. We recieved a lot of feedback over our first year of running, which were all taken into consideration and helped us to build the network that we have now.

    Sapling Servers also began a partnership with Nitrous-Networks in the UK to collocate machines with them, allowing us to build on the back-bone of the Hydra Communications network. We were with Nitrous for a while and they really helped grow our UK traffic, but we have since had to move on.

  • VeloxServ UK Expansion

    1st June, 2017

    Sapling Servers are now expanding to VeloxServ, based in Wolverhampton, UK. Where they offer a fully ISO compliant Datacenter that we are going to be collocating in.
    VeloxServ offer us great collocation services for the UK and we can utilise their network infrastructure.
    99.95% Network Uptime SLA
    Offering us a 10Gbp uplink
    24/7 Network Operations

  • New Netherlands Expansion

    1st July, 2017

    We are constantly working on improvements to our network capacity and ways of keeping latency low on our services.
    With our new Amsterdam Location, we are able to provide European customers with reduced latency and more reliability.

  • Sapling Servers UK Offices

    Sapling Servers are moving into a UK based office, in Bristol, within the next couple of weeks.
    Once we get into the new office, we are partnering and connecting our network with some of the Fastest network providers in the UK.
    This will allow us to expand and launch our new and improved OpenStack network infrastructure later this year.
    This will allow us to instantly deploy dedicated, VPS and Minecraft servers to your configuration

Mission Statement

Our mission statement here at Sapling Servers is really quite simple. We are working to provide a cheaper alternative to outsourcing your data into the cloud, using our Premium grade enterprise hardware, as well as our Tier-1 Network Suppliers we are able to provide the highest of standards in Cloud Solutions, without the cost.
We also really like Minecraft and Gaming, so we aim to supply reliable solutions for Games Server hosting at a fraction of the industry costs.

Meet the Team

Bradley Comerford

Managing Director

Sapling Servers Limited

Tier-1 1Gps* Network

Server hosting and providing Cloud Solutions means that our services need to be accessible fast and 24/7. We undestand that, and so our network is combined of multiple Tier-1 Network Suppliers in the relevant locations.
We monitor all of our networks to keep an eye on Traffic and check for any DoS attacks to record, block and report them. Speed is one of our main priorities, as well as uptime, with a 99% uptime guarentee SLA, or your money back! Find out More

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Who and what are Sapling Servers LTD?

Sapling Servers is a hosting company who offer Minecraft servers, game servers, web servers, voice servers, dedicated servers and virtual private servers. The company started up in May 2013 and has been running since, we have recently updated all of our site and our servers, with new machines and software. Whatever you are looking for in your servers can be achieved right here with Sapling Servers.

Sapling Servers was built by Bradley Comerford, of course he did have some help by some of his friends. Together we all built this company and managed to get it running allowing us to provide our customers with some of the most reliable solutions in hosting at a fraction of the industry costs.

Datacenter & Hosting Locations

Below you can find a map that shows the locations that we are able to provide hosting. We currenlty own Datacenters in Wolverhampton and Bristol, UK as well as New York, USA. Other locations are provided via Collocation or private suppliers in the area.

Located in: New York, USA - Toronto, CA - Bristol, UK - Hannover, DE and Sydney, AU

3 Times Faster Performance

Intel Xeon CPU

All of our servers are running the latest in Intel Core Xeon Processor's to ensure the best in power and performance.

Racked by Us

Our server's have been racked up ready for use by us personally, even at our collocated locations.

100% SSD Disk

We use ONLY SSD storage for our server's, always in RAID 1 to ensure the best in performance, plus it saves us a few pennies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a job?

Maybe, why not apply? You will need to proceed and apply for a position via

Do you offer a Money Back guarantee?

For the first 48 hours of having your service from us, if you find that you are not satisfied, please make us aware. We can then investigate and attempt to resolve things for you, if after you are still not satisfied, then you can have your money back!

What's your SLA Guarentee?

This basically means that if you experience less that 99% uptime, we will refund you or offer credit for the down time that you experience. Find out More

Do you really own the servers?

Yes. We have a datacenter based in Bristol in which our servers are being hosted from. You can ask more about this via the Live Chat or by raising a support ticket.

Have any other questions

If you have questions about My Hosting please view our pre-sales FAQ or email us at [email protected] and we will answer all your questions.

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