Main Website & Billing Server Migration

Our Development Team have worked hard today to migrate our website from it's previous hosting provider to our Internal Infrastructure. From: Hosting24 - New Jersey, USA ( To: Sapling Servers - London, UK ( This has taken a lot of work and you may have noticed that you've been unable to access your Client Area for ... Повеќе »

11th Apr 2020
New Pterodactyl Feature: Server Properties

Previously, the only way you were able to manage your servers properties, such as the world name, rcon port, and other settings was via the File Manager > and Edit the file.  Our Development Team have now added a native user interface to our Control Panel that will allow you to do this without using a text based file ... Повеќе »

7th Apr 2020
Website and WHMCS Overhaul

Over the past couple of days you will have noticed that our website was in maintenance mode whilst we were performing some updates. We can now announce that these updates have been completed, and a new website has been revealed. We hope that you like the look and feel of the new website, though you will notice one dramatic change. Pricing We ... Повеќе »

31st Mar 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

With the latest advances of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK and around the world, we would like to take this oppourtunity to reassure our customers that we have taken additional precautions to ensure that our staff and services remain available as best they can during this period of uncertainty.  During the next 4-6 weeks, you may notice ... Повеќе »

13th Mar 2020
Pterodactyl Panel & WHMCS Update Overhaul

Change Notification - 30/02/2020 - Pterodactyl Panel Changes; -- Announcement SystemWe have integrated an Announcement System into our Pterodactyl Panel installation. This will allow you to see specific Pterodactyl Updates easier and when they're available, directly via the Panel. -- Minecraft Server Version ChangerThere is currently no way ... Повеќе »

23rd Feb 2020
Pterodactyl Plugin Manager

Today we updated our Pterodactyl Panel to include a one-click plugin installer.  This is now available on all Panel instances, but only available to Minecraft Server instances (for obvious reasons), check it out below; Selecting "Download" on a plugin will automatically download the plugin and install it on your server, once installed please ... Повеќе »

4th Feb 2020
Arrival of additional machines to Falkenstein, Germany

After long delays organising the shipping of our additional servers to Falkenstein, Germany  we are getting a large delivery. This will allow us to consiquently drop prices of some of our products, including Minecraft and Games Servers.  As you will notice, we are now offering free TeamSpeak3 and other voice servers with every purchase, so ... Повеќе »

31st Jan 2020
Sapling Servers UK Office

Sapling Servers are moving into a UK based office, in Bristol, within the next couple of weeks.Once we get into the new office, we are partnering and connecting our network with some of the Fastest network providers in the UK.This will allow us to expand and launch our new and improved OpenStack network infrastructure later this year.This will ... Повеќе »

11th Jul 2017
New Netherlands Location

We are constantly working on improvements to our network capacity and ways of keeping latency low on our services.With our new Amsterdam Location, we are able to provide European customers with reduced latency and more reliability.We are also opening doors for further expansion later in the year, looking towards Australia or Hong Kong, to get ... Повеќе »

1st Jul 2017
Network Expansion to VeloxServ

Sapling Servers are now looking at expanding to VeloxServ, based in Wolverhampton. 

VeloxServ offer us great collocation services for the UK and we can utilise their network infrastructure.

  • 99.95% Network Uptime SLA
  • Offering us a 10Gbp uplink
  • 24/7 Network Operations

1st Jun 2017

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