Over the past couple of days you will have noticed that our website was in maintenance mode whilst we were performing some updates.

We can now announce that these updates have been completed, and a new website has been revealed.

We hope that you like the look and feel of the new website, though you will notice one dramatic change.


We have drastically increased our product pricing, this is due to increased costs associated with the changes taking place over the last few weeks.


As a business, we were coming to a point of change being required.

The board took a step back and re-evaluated the business, considering the fact of permanent closure.

However, after a bit of organisation, we instead took action to fix the business;

  • Removed all products other than the main income source (Minecraft)
  • Tailored website more appropriately according to most popular product
  • Resolved any remaining underlying technical issues / bugs on the website
  • Resolved any remaining issues with the Pterodactyl Control Panel
  • Upgrade Hardware - Intel Core i7-7700K / Intel Core i9-9900K Rollout (all nodes)

So, if your server has been migrated recently, you will be aware of the significant upgrade to server quality.

Our overall pricing has increased, but with this so has the quality. We can now almost guarantee a great experience with Sapling Servers. 

This does mean however, all of our previous (legacy) clients who had an active subscription before 31/03/2020 will remain on their current price plan, unless they make an upgrade/downgrade to their service. 

We would like to take this time to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during this overhaul period. 

Kind regards,

The Sapling Servers Team

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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