Change Notification - 30/02/2020

- Pterodactyl Panel Changes;

-- Announcement System
We have integrated an Announcement System into our Pterodactyl Panel installation. This will allow you to see specific Pterodactyl Updates easier and when they're available, directly via the Panel.

-- Minecraft Server Version Changer
There is currently no way to change your server version via the Pterodactyl Panel, instead you have to raise a ticket and request that we do this for you manually. We are adding a section to the "Server Configuration" Area of our Pterodactyl Panel that will allow you change your servers version seamlessly and without the need for manual changes by us;

-- Backup System
Currently the only way to complete backups for yourself in our Pterodactyl Panel is with mods, plugins or via the File Manager where you can compress all of the files into a .zip for use later. We are going to be adding a Backup Manager that will allow you to do this natively within the panel, with a timestamp for when the backup as created as well as download availability, size and more.  

-- Subdomain Manager
We are adding a Subdomain Manager to our Pterodactyl Panel, this will allow you to utilise our free domains for your servers connection instead of using an IP, currently we have 3 domains available;
- <yourserver>
- <yourserver>
- <yourserver>

- WHMCS (Client Area)

-- Advanced Pterodactyl Integration
We are integrating Pterodactyl closer with our WHMCS installation. This will allow your passwords to sync (making your Client Area password the same password for your Pterodactyl Login). New registered users of Sapling Servers will additionally have a Pterodactyl account created for them automatically. If you reset your WHMCS password, this will also reset your Pterodactyl Panel password to be the same. If you request that your account is deleted, this will also delete your Pterodactyl Panel user account and associated services. 

-- Facebook Signup / Login Integration upon Checkout
We have now integrated Facebook's login system with our Client (WHMCS) area checkout system, this allows seamless login to Facebook and will transfer some of your details to our platform to allow for account creation (Name, Email and registered address, if on file with Facebook). We do not have access to post on your behalf. For more information on how we use and store your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

-- Credit / Debit Card Payments
We have now enabled a dedicated Credit / Debit card payment solution as requested from high volumes of customer demand. You can use this as of 23/02/2020. 

-- Advanced Minecraft Version Pre-selector
All customers now have the ability to pre-select the version of Minecraft or Mod-Pack to be automatically installed with the creation of their server. Please note; There will be different versions available depending on the package that you have selected due to hardware (RAM, CPU, etc) restrictions;

-- New Ticket Department "Minecraft Version Requests"
We have added a new ticket department to allow our customers to request a new modpack verson, or other version of Minecraft to be installed to our Pterodactyl Panel and be enabled on the WHMCS checkout pre-selector.

- Nodes / Stock

-- Singapore Location Restock
Due to high customer demand, we will be restocking our Singapore location with 3 additional nodes. These will be available for purchase from 27/02/2020*

*Installation determinate. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

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