How do I know what Node my server is on?

You can find out where your server is located from the Pterodactyl Panel once you log in.

Select "My Servers" and your servers will be listed, along with their connection IP addresses and Ports, node location, RAM and CPU usage;

These follow a simple naming scheme, where the prefix of the node represents its location. 

In this example "GB-SAP-GS01" stands for Great Britain - Sapling Servers - Game Server 01.

Should you wish to move your servers location for any reason, you will need to raise a ticket via your Client Area for the Technical Team titled "Server Node Migration" and advise which location you'd like to move to.

Our team may ask why you're requesting this move, but otherwise it will be actioned as requested within 24 hours.

We will automatically move all of your servers Files, Plugins, Configurations, Backups and Databases (unless the databases exceed a size capacity of 2GB, due to software restrictions and limitations we cannot re-upload these to our platform).

We are currently working on a method to implement node moves easier, however these will still remain request based. 

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