This panel will not work as expected - Timeout Error

If you find that you have got the following error message on your Pterodactyl Control Panel;

Please follow the instructions below, this error can be caused by a number of different reasons;

  • You've lost connectivity to the Internet
  • Your connections latency (ping) to our Control Panel exceeded 800ms
  • Our Control Panel is offline (likely due to scheduled Maintenance, but check the status page here:
  • The Host Node that your server is based on is undergoing scheduled Maintenance or down-time

What to do in the event you get this error;

  1. Firstly, try refreshing the page on your browser, the error should clear automatically and continue to allow you to use your server. 
  2. If you don't regain connection after a page refresh, check our server status page. 
  3. Check your emails or the Announcements tab on the Pterodactyl Panel, to see if there is any scheduled down-time that you're unaware of. 
  4. If there is no scheduled down-time, or the Nodes status is down/offline, please raise a ticket for the Technical Support Team immediately, or contact us via Chat/Discord.
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